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2021 Foshan Baijinyi team building Huidong Station



This is one of our short trips, and it carries our spirit of unity.

During the team building, we have a bonfire party. Everyone hand in hand, listening to music, and passing on each other's love for the team.

Watching the fireworks together is like telling us that this is a good blessing to us.

At the beach, everyone laughs together. I think this should be everyone's favorite.

In the regiment building military training, we united as one, learned how to communicate more effectively, and learned to listen more effectively.

We set sail together, facing the sunset, enjoying endless relaxation in the sea.

A rowing team, let everyone play into a rafting atmosphere, everyone together enjoy the salty taste of the sea. Yes, this is the real sea.


We are a good team. From this trip, we became more united,

This is a very meaningful trip.

Foshan Baijinyi will set sail for the next stage of development. Baijinyi will become better and more reliable.