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PET  Blow Mold

PET Blow Mold

PET  Preform Mold

PET Preform Mold

PET  Cap Mold

PET Cap Mold




PET containers for the beverage industry such as water bottle, CSD bottle, HR bottle, Aseptic bottle, etc.

Various containers for the other industry, e.g. edible oil, condiment, cosmetics, protection products, and pharmaceutical, etc.

The brands of blow molding machines such as Sidel, Krones, KHS, Tech-long, Newamstar, Sacmi, Sipa, ASB and AOKI, etc.

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PET Preform Mold

Cavity: 32 cavity, 48 cavities, 56 cavities, 72 cavities, 96 cavities, 128 cavities, 144 cavities
Necking Ring: 28mm (1716, 1810, 1881) 26/22mm, 29/25mm and 38mm etc.
Applicable Equipment: HUSKY, NETSTAL, SIPA, KM, KATA, etc.
Preform Applications: Water, Juice, Carbonated Beverages, Edible oils, Medicines, etc.
Materials of Mold Frame: S136, HRC30-35 degrees
Materials of Stack Component S136 Electroslag remelting HRC50-53 degrees
Life times: 5 million times

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PET Cap Mold

There are two types of capping molds, one is the capping mold and the other is the capping injection mold. It mainly depends on the production equipment used.

Cap types: water, beverage, tea, carbonated beverage, edible oil, etc.

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PET  Cap Mold


In order to meet the needs of customers, Baijinyi Provides professional personalized adaptation engineering services.
Adopt replacing a component or modify existing apart to realize the conversion project:

1. Provide personalized parts of bottle blowing machine
2. Conversion of different neck finish, change bottle volume, perform weight
3. Optimization of the shape and performance of the bottle
4. Conversion parts used by the same bottle mold in different bottle blowing equipment.

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Our Servuce


Bottle design

According to the customer's idea, or participate in the customer's market survey, give the customer the feasibility of the bottle type from the professional perspective of the PET packaging container. Guide or help customers design bottle shapes.

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Foshan Baijinyi Precise Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as BJY) was established in 2011 and is located in Hongweitai Industrial Park Sanshui, Foshan City. Covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. It is only about an hour's drive from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. The name BJY is taken from the Chinese proverb, which is a step further. It implies that we are const antly innovating and enterprising spirit. BJY is committed to designing and manufacturing world-class PET liquid packaging molds including blowing molds, injection molds, compression capping molds, and related accessories.

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Company establishment time
2011 Year

Company establishment time

Total area of factory
4000 SQM

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60 +

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